I trust you

by Beautiful Tragedy   Jul 20, 2017

I'd once told you that I love you,
But that that didn't mean
I was in love you.
You'd said that maybe it was a little
Bit of both and I;
Not yet ready to admit that you were
Completely right,
Just looked down at my hands and smiled.
Admitting that I was starting to fall
In love with you;
Starting to Fall in love with the way you blush when you catch me glancing at you,
Or how you're so genuine in
Everything you do,
Or the way your hair sticks up in random
Places after you take your hat off,
Makes it real.
And saying it out loud and making it real
Would make me vulnerable,
But isn't that what love is?
Letting someone see you at your most vulnerable,
And trusting them not to hurt you?
Just so you know starboy;
I trust you.


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  • 1 year ago

    by Milly Hayward

    Beautiful, sensitive write capturing the difference between love and being in love x