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Life is full of colours and sounds and its these that help give depth to our emotions.

It can be black or white or sprinkled with the colours of the rainbow. Sounds and smells conjure a myriad of sensations that add to the cooking pot of life.

Poetry is but the canvas begging us to pour out our inner stew.

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Latest Poems By Milly Hayward

  • As I descend towards a fatal thrall
    The landscape plots and twists in my demise...

  • I twist and turn upon the wind.
    A surfer of all the skies...

  • In the mirror
    a place time forgot...

  • These diamond tears flush dreams of love away
    Betrayal but a tea that burns my tongue...

  • Down into the pits of hellish pain
    We find our spirits falling...

Latest Quotes By Milly Hayward

  • The child that kicks and screams when it doesn't get its own way is like the adult with an agenda not getting the reaction they want

    2 months ago
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  • If dogs can play together nicely regardless of size, colour or breed why cant humans?

    3 years ago
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  • Love is when you realise that the contents of who you are is more important than the container you come in

    3 years ago
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