Queen Liz

by Bob   Aug 1, 2017

Enchanting seducing mesmerizing eyes of blue steal my breath away.
Perfectly cut blonde hair pulled back on this fateful day.
Gazing staring upon this gorgeous angel feels like a dream.
Hoping praying for polite conversation isn’t real it would seem.
Beat still placid my vile heart as she gracefully glides by.
Radiant glistening smile more beautiful than the starry midnight sky.
Soft rose light pink lips dare nay bribe for a passionate true love’s kiss.
Carefully tenderly planted Prince Charming mustn’t miss.
Forfeit forever my humble soul to preach this simple truth.
Detectives aren’t needed for this type of sleuth.
Amazing defying example of God’s gift to us lowly man.
Our pitiful lives enriched by a queen fits into His plan.
Intense powerful emotions conquer my brain and heart.
Love emerging from its cold grave for yet another start.
Vivid clear wishful daydreams awash like cleansing rain.
My fateful gamble still a risk without any concrete gain.
Ultimately I have yet one life to watch her from afar.
Kindness happiness I wish for her upon the falling star.


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