A Forbidden Relation

by Sampreeth kotian   Aug 1, 2017

It was a chance meet, professional, as it could get... For strangers to acquaint, who else, wouldn't have met... Numbers exchanged, subsequent texting, friendship began to flower... A no-holds-barred relation, silently began to hover... Incessant texts resulted, in hidden traits getting revealed, the more they got talking, their fate seemed, all sealed... To say they were addicted, would an understatement be, what destiny had in store, they both now wished to see... A couple of meets later, beliefs were soon entrenched...in sugary, syrupy togetherness they were certainly drenched... Nervous thots, hesitancy, doubts, began making their rounds... Inner self refused to budge, made hysterical, warning sounds... The path is wrong, its ideal, we take a step back, quick... The thought of a forbidden relation, made them uncertain, sick.... But we know there are times, when the heart rules supreme... We crave to attain in life, what seems a distant dream.... With guilt looming large, both from the plunge refrained.. Emotions were distraught and they were, mentally drained. A wise decision they agreed, when they later spoke... though " what if...if only... " thoughts, would always slyly poke.... Though in the moment of weakness, common sense, had paled... Their maturity saved the day, as better sense prevailed.


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  • 1 year ago

    by mossgirl19

    Sam, wow, you are really amazing at writing stuff about life events! I like this very much, as this happens to anyone. It is easy to be infatuated to new acquaintances, but it is only a deception. A really great write that teaches a great insight. Superb and nominated.

    • 1 year ago

      by Sampreeth kotian

      Thank you so much, Mel !! I agree it can happen to anyone.... This time it was a very good friend who confided in me... And I cldnt resist penning it... Feedback coming from a pro/veteran ( 116 poems and counting ) like your kind self...honestly means a lot to me !!! Thanks a bunch !! :-)

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