by Daniel Danchizz   Aug 13, 2017

Left in Ponder, wondering in chaos
Trying to believe the sayings in my heart
Of how true the words can be
reviving the pleasant feelings I'll always treasure

Amazing is her ways round about life
Always generous with her time
Fully endowed in nature
Indeed a perfect creature

Standing on the mountain high
Looking at the moon through a clear blue sky
Her eyes shinning like that of stars
But then I really can't comprehend her

At times I pass and needed to say something
Lost in thoughts of how unique she is
When she smile I see a perfect woman
truly a wonder to many

I feel gladdened and excited when I see her
I feel strengthened when I think about her
No pain when I'm with her
No rain when I walk with her

She took me to her heart
in dark she welcomed me into her soul
Amazing and great to hear profess in cloud
On 17th of July 2017

Her smiles keep the world to stare for a while
How beautiful is her feet in sandals
She's as beautiful as tirzah , fair as the moon
Her neck like that of the ivory tower

It will take a lifetime to forget her
The memories of her gypsy dance
Surely she is honored and predestined a great
Becoming a wonder to many

You are truly a delight and
Thank you for inking me on your priority to-do-list
Thank you for the fond memories
It's a privilege and a pleasure to know you.


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  • 11 months ago

    by mossgirl19

    There is a certain a beauty in this, but sadness was read all through-out.

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