Know Me

by The Alaskan Husky   Aug 19, 2017

You gotta know me before I ever trust ya.
You gotta know
you better know now
that everything thing I say
oh yes it goes down
You gotta know me 'for I can ever love ya.
I'm on my own therefore I'm leaning hella dirty
Cuz i be on my own mind like I been pushing weight
The truth was simply so easily tried without distractions like royalties in my minds eye or that big oh* subtraction sign
But I will still come as correct as if I never lost.
Surfing off this wave I thought I'd just never caught.
But boy you better really know or you can get off.
Because this Ocean full of things that we cant pass on.
So It Started from the melody but pain pins
the final token
At last You gotta know as if your heart was ever broken.


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