Comments : Spelling my pain

  • 10 months ago

    by deeplydesturbed

    Sorry in advance for the ULTRA LONG ASS comment...

    D is for Drugs used to mask the pain, Everyone dealing with depression knows this feeling.. fantastic way to start

    E is for an Exstasy I long to embrace, - we all feel like this.. even people without dression, but again excellent visual

    P is for the Perculiar way people treat you, - yep we have ALL been here

    R is for Remembering better days, - beautiful and true, however some of us are so far gone, we forgot those days..

    E is for Exit - a way to escape, - we all look for a way out..

    S is for Solitude always alone,
    S is for Sadness my only emotion, the two S's.. brilliant.. so raw and true.. we always look for solitude and push those close to us far away ... but hang in there.. those who truley care wont let you ..

    I is for Indomnitable - I will not break,
    O is for Ostracised - my way of hiding,
    N is for Never give up never surrender. - well these last 3 are a bit more positive.. well done.. It makes it seem like there is a little light left in you..

    I spell it so you better understand,
    What it is to live in this terrible land,
    A place without hope or light,
    To you all I bid good night.

    This last bit is exactly how i would put it.. I would want people to know how im feeling, but they always seem to think we descibe it wrong.. and its hard to tell people who have never experienced such pain, how it works..

    I love this poem.. well done.. I look forward to reading more.. And always know this site has helped a LOT of people with their issues.. Be it drinking, depression, anxiety, trust, just know we dont judge (except the weekly contest!)...

    • 10 months ago

      by Justen Smith

      Thank you, it means the world when my wordad mean something to someone else. :-)