Comments : Weaving Silence

  • 1 year ago

    by mossgirl19

    Wow, fantastic piece, Satish!

  • 1 year ago

    by Milly Hayward

    I thought that you might appreciate an indepth feedback on this remarkable piece. It is only my opinion and perceptions but hopefully you will take it in the spirit given.

    The first stanza kicks off with a dramatic start that hits you right between the eyes.
    "Do I have a choice before knifing the page for a meaning, when I was drowned in a nostalgia"

    Stanza 2 - I had never heard of Cinchona bark so looked it up - it is a tree whose bark has medical properties. Knowing this - for me gave this stanza even more depth.

    "Cinchona bark. This was my keyword for living bitterly under a tryant inciting the riots of colors".
    These words bring imagery to my mind of someone who is strong, a surviver managing to stay sane despite living under the thumb of a tyrant. I especially loved "inciting the riots of colours "what an amazingly creative way to portray violence incited by a tyrant.

    Stanza 3 - "The digital death comes as a reward for insane truth" Again a powerful line that grips the reader. Then the poem takes a more sorrowful tone... "You turn the back on home and walk towards the sea –" the seeping out of strength, the fights all gone.

    Final stanza. "to count the empty shells on beach, here life completes a cycle from emptiness to emptiness you are ready to go in void. Here the sadness deepens and leaves the reader feeling the loss of a life and the feeling of emptiness.

    An inspirational piece. Although you have written on the death of Steve Jobs at the end I feel that this poem is so well written as that it could apply to so many peoples lives and as I interpretted in
    many different ways. Very enjoyable. Milly x