Worth waiting for!

by MS Multani   Sep 13, 2017

Only in theory I thought
I cud find love
Lyk rain in drought
We came together
N den grew apart
But nvr once u left my heart

U wanted to leave
N I let u go
Only coz I alwaz loved u so
thought,May b it's meant to b

So I moved on
Thinkin may b m finally free
Bt life is such a mystery
Evn in my wildest dream
I cud hv nvr foresee
U commin bk, lukin for Me

I tried to restrain myself
And to act angry
Bt the moment I heard ur voice
I think deep inside, I made the choice
With my mind still playin tricks on me
Bt my heart I knew
Was awready on it's knee

Ur voice stirred up a frenzy
Got me all wrapped up in ur love spree
Ur words kept intoxicatin me
Rampaged through to my heart
N before I knew
U swept me of my feet

I hv alwaz loved u
D way I hv nvr loved no one before
I can't say wy
N I can't tell how
Bt I can't do widout u no more

Without evn touchin me
U managed to crawl ur way inside
I was a stranger
N nw u gv a new meaning to my life

For all thats goin on in my mind
M petrified most of the time
Whether m prepared to do it
all over again
Or shud I exit, While I can
But now what should I do
Since I fell so hard for you
U hv alwaz been worth waitin for
But I crave for more
I want you
Day in, day out
All day, everyday
I want you to love me
Stand by me


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