by Lu Tinson   Sep 28, 2017

When I'm drunk i think of you
And music makes me miss you
Thinking out loud
Like my thoughts are something to be proud of
But they're more than i can handle and more than unacceptable
Who is he if i cant stop thinking of you
Who would i be if i denied what i feel for you
Why do i even dream of you
When i really don't need to
I don't need you i just crave you madly
I'm struggling to not obsess over you
My mind can't drag itself away from you
I don't even need to or want to
I just feel this f**king pull towards you
Stop me
Make me forget
Like i never felt a thing
Like you don't pull my heartstrings
Stop me
Make me forget
Like i cant hear your voice
Like i cant feel the ache from you existing


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