I Need You

by Vara Prasad   Sep 30, 2017

If I could pick a flower my love each time I think of you
My garden would go on forever with flowers of every hue
Yet none of them could hold a candle to your beauty my Queen
Through all the earth, ev'n heaven above you are the most lovely of beings

I only wish you'd know my Queen how much you mean to me
To have you by my side on earth I'd give up eternity.
Even more than the breath that runs through me I long for your love
I would gladly give my breath away than stop loving you my love

Maybe I don't deserve you, but then again who does?
Angels like you weren't meant to leave your dwelling place above
Yet all I ask for is just one chance, will you give it to me please?
Just say 'yes' my love and my soul will be at peace


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