Dusk & Dawn

by Sai   Sep 30, 2017

If you are dawn,
I am dusk.

If you are in morning glory,
I am in twilight zone.

If you have flowering buds,
I have falling petals.

If you have dreams,
I have memories.

If you have promises,
I have failures.

You wait for a bright day,
I wait for the endless dark night.

You are half the world away,
I can never reach you.

You look at the blue sky,
At the green grass with glistening dew drops,

And budding flowers and quiet flowing rivers,
And mountains with snow white peaks,
You listen to morning birds,
Singing songs to the rising sun

You cannot hear me miles away,
As you wait for the bright day,
And for the happy moments,
Filled with joyous promises.

You have no time for me as I enter the dark night,
Vanishing in space, disappearing forever


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