by Donbukana   Oct 4, 2017

Tending to my fruit stand,
another lonely day
Hoping for a customer
to happen ‘long the way
When then I saw approaching
a funny colored van
It pulled off on the shoulder,
I wondered of its plan
The back doors slowly opened
and there before my eyes
Stood a gorgeous woman
beneath these sunny skies
Her eyes were soft and sable
with hair a darker hue
She smiled and said hello to me
I said, “How do you do?”
She stood before my table,
I couldn’t help but stare
First she touched an apple,
then she touched a pear
Suddenly she shouted,
for now her hand did reach
Excitedly she questioned
“Please may I have a peach?”
All I could do was stutter,
as I could barely breathe
She took a bite and then exclaimed
“The sweetest I believe”
Then she grabbed a couple,
and walking to her van
Sat upon the rear end sill,
then patted with her hand
I stumbled there to join her,
she handed one to me
“I just adore your peaches”
“Yes ma’am, that I can see”
I sat there with her eating
and maybe I am dumb
But juice was dripping from her lip,
I brushed it with my thumb
This seemed to make her happy,
her beauty such a view
Then I could not believe my ears,
She asked, “Can I kiss you?”
Well, forget what I said earlier
the “dumb” part wasn’t right
I pressed my lips against hers
and held them there real tight
They were sweet and sticky,
delicious like the fruit Then we separated,
she grinned and said, “You’re cute”
“I really think I love you
and will forever true”
I felt my heart just skip a beat,
“Yes ma’am, I love you too”
“I just adore your peaches,
they’re the best in all the land”
We kissed again, this time good bye,
she climbed into her van
I watched as she departed,
standing on the curb
Thinking of her kisses
and the last thing that I heard
Then felt kind of lousy
this pristine summer day
Not for what had happened,
but what I did not say
I didn’t have the heart to tell
this woman of my dreams
The fruits this day that she enjoyed
were really nectarines


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  • 9 months ago

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    Haha. This is great and the twist so funny! Love it! :-)