A Letter of Remorse for an Angel

by Danial Zainal   Oct 15, 2017

Dear Angel,
I'm sorry that i'm writing to you again,
But i doubt her heart would open,
Or listen to words that makes her ears strain,

I don't know what i should say or do,
As she would think it's a lie,
Or simply sweet words that i intentionally spew.

I want to tell her i'm sorry and the remorse i feel
Me breaking her heart and trust,
Was something i had never reveal.

Would she believe what i have to say?
That for these past years,
She haunted my dreams and fears
And have turned my nights astray.

I have realized in these years,
That what i did to her was outright wrong,
With my eyes sore writing this with tears,
I swear, moving on requires a heart that is far too strong

Angel, a tragedy of old flames are what we are,
Heart and soul are just eternally far,
Seeking a way where our hearts could heal,
But simply empty to each other in the way we feel.

Thus, please convey my remorse to her,
And purge of the scars that our hearts remember.
Then spread the tragedy of this old flames' story,
About a love that ended ever so coldly,
And ensure that this tragedy would never repeat,
For no heart is strong enough for a loved one's deceit.



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