Love Is Launchpad Poem

by Abstract Poet   Nov 28, 2017

I have this secret love I know I can't
reveal because no one don't understand
or know just how I feel I have a secret.

A secret love I feel I half to hide why
can't I just facemailed it and set my fears aside? Why can't I proclaim it from

Highest mountain peaks that his tender
love is the only love I seek he's my secret love and he shall always be I'll forever

Remember him, but as a secret part of
me I can't tell him how I feel I half to
keep my feelings inside of me.

I'll never be able to tell him I love him,
for 'I love yours,' I half to hide no matter
what because he's my secret love, and.

He must never find out, just how much
I love him, and what my words are all
about I don't want a pat on the back, or.

Just a friendly shove but I can't tell him
any of that, because he's my secret love
he wants to be just friends, but doesn't.

Ask how I feel when really being just
friends, will never be enough for
me he's my secret love, but maybe.

someday he'll be more so I'll wait for
the day that he knows how long I've
loved him for because I'll show him.

My Love is like a launchpad where a
rocket is set on a plat-form getting
ready to launch into the air breaking.

Through the atmosphere into space and
the rocket takes off traveling through universe passing up plants and traveling.

somewhere far away into space
wondering how far this rocket will
go that's how far my love will go.

behind depths of space if only you look
up at night sky you might see my love
in this rocket ship but you'll never.

Know how deep my love is until I show
you my deepest emotions and deepest
love coming from me inside of me.

I'll tell you I love you but you'll always
be my secret love who I love so much I admire you from distance you make me.

Happy and smile when I see you in
distance I never told you how I feel until now you know everything how I feel.

Dedicated to: Chris .M.
I do have feelings for him
We are friends.


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