Dreams with wings

by kavitha jesson   Dec 6, 2017

Am I like a butterfly just out of a cocoon
Have wings sprout in me all at once
Is it only the sweetness of the roses
I seem to devour upon nowadays
There is a new song playing on my heart strings
Well,there is a secret musician hidden in heart
Who makes me sing a new song everyday
Where has all the dark gloomy clouds gone away?
There is a li'l bit of sun ray I see
In my heart drenched in the heavy rain
There is a rainbow in my heart
And I see a thousand colours in my life
Where did the lonely longing nights fade away?
Did it wane away right in the blink of my eyes
Does my feet feel light
Am I walking on the soft white clouds
Am I like the princess with the golden tresses
Waiting for my Knight in shining armor
Did the shoes fit just right for me
The fairy has weaved her magic wand
And its magic I I see in everything
I see a world painted in pink
Through the panes of my rose tinted eyes
There is a reflection I see far
A mesmerising vision of a white cottage
In a beautiful garden of roses
With dew drop alight on it's rosy petals
A whisper of a hushing spring nearby
And just you and me in our little world
There is a cloak of soothing care I wear these days
Like a warm blanket over my snow clad heart
And while the stars twinkle in the sky at night
I go to sleep with a smile in heart
With a new dream to cradle for eternity
A beautiful dream of you and me
And now a castle in the air just came alive with your presence ....


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