Forever friends

by Walter   Dec 8, 2017

I know that we've been friends forever
And you always have been there for me
You feel like my second pair of eyes
Where we always share what we see

I know exactly what it is you're thinking
Even before you even say a single word
I only have to look in your direction
And every thought that you have will be heard

You have always been my spare shoulder
Where we lean on each other to get by
I'll be the first one to wipe away your tears
Any time you get emotional and cry

It's amazing how you know exactly what to say
To make me constantly absorb what I hear
However distant I am in the moment
I always feel you with me and near

So tell my why lately I have been feeling so empty
Even though you're right by my side
It feels like my emotions running in all directions
And has left me no place left to hide

Whenever I see you I notice you differently
And in ways not thought of before
No matter how close I am to you now
My heart seems to cry out for more

But I dare not ruin this friendship bond
That we have been building together for years
Although ignoring what is growing inside me
Will not take away all my fears

We have shared all so much together
In all the time that we have been with each other
Although for some reason exists a certain rule that says
'Your best friend can't be your lover'


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Latest Comments

  • 1 year ago

    by Walter

    Thank you Kitty :) You hit the nail on the head with your comments It does become a rule changer...But love is a two way street. If this was me, I don't think I would risk losing the friendship by crossing that imaginary line.

  • 1 year ago

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    Why is that Walter? It's always difficult to navigate that. If you feel more, then the friendship is changed anyway, but if you explore what else might be, you could lose them completely.
    Rock. You. Hard place.
    Brilliant and heartfelt write! :-) x