Falling is scary, but what if you fly?

by Emma   Dec 31, 2017

Falling is scary, but what if you fly?
Is it worth the risk to let yourself try?

It's the hurt and rejection you're afraid to feel,
Giving your all to the wrong girl.

Find someone who sees you just as you are,
Likes you for you, sees perfection in scars.

We all have our problems and relationship fails,
But why let that hurt keep you locked in a jail.

The freedom to love is what makes living great,
To find friendship and laughter and become best mates.

You see love isn't about romance and flowers,
It's about knowing you'll be there in the small hours.

The times when everything seems a lot darker,
And ride the storms waiting for the cloud break together.

What if just maybe this could be it,
This time for keeps, cupids arrow has hit.

A person on who you can rely,
To keep your secrets and wipe your eyes.

Who will stand by your side and hold your hand,
Face things together take on the new and unplanned.

Who won't judge or hurt you with intention,
And 40 years time will be sharing your pension.

Honesty and trust is key,
A you without them just couldn't be

That feeling that time is never enough,
Because having them near make everything less rough.

The closeness and laughter, a meeting of minds,
To know you can be weird - they're your own kind.

Two pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly.
The bigger picture? A future you can't wait to see.

Is it worth it? Why even try?
Falling is scary......but what if you fly?



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  • 11 months ago

    by Dagmar Wilson

    Often in life we meet the one for us when the least expected. When it happens enjoy every bit of it. Thank you for sharing. All the best to you