What is this place?

by Victor   Dec 31, 2017

Where am I?
I found this place while walking in the forest
It looks like an abandoned building
Or, at least I wish it was
I can hear screams of pain coming from inside
They're screaming for help
Should I go in and try to help them?
I mean, it would be the logical thing to do
But something's telling me no
Something's telling me to just listen
Something's telling me to go in and watch
But I'm not gonna listen to it
I'm gonna go in and try to help
I'm gonna try to end the screams
I'm gonna help

Oh my god
What is that thing?
It looks like a human
But at the same time, it doesn't
It's skin is pitch-black
It's eyes are faintly emitting a red glow
It's screaming for help
And it's all alone
It looks so helpless
I think it needs somebody to talk to
To take it away from this place
To finally show it sympathy
I want to help it
I want to know more about it
I want to take it away from this place
I want it to be free

Oh god
He's looking at me
His eyes are glowing brighter
He's scared
Why is he scared of me?
I've never even met him before
I've never even heard of him before
But he's still scared
Is it because I'm not like him?
Is it because he's confused?
Is it because he hates me?
I really want to find out
So I'm gonna help him out
Help him escape this place
Help him out of his cell
And take him home

I'm writing this from my bed
He's laying next to me, sleeping
He looks so cute
And he finds comfort in me
Even though he's taller
Even though he's stronger
Even though I'm different in his eyes
Even though I'm a human
He's so handsome
He's borrowed my dad's clothes
And they fit him perfectly
Even though he's only my age
I really like him
And he really likes me
But to be honest...
I love him


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