Move on

by Lover of Mind23   Feb 6, 2018

My insides are all torn up
And I can’t breathe from time to time
Plus thinking about you
Take my breath away..
My heart beats slowly
Not even halfway through this thing called life
And I can see it so clearly now
& I know what needs to be done
Boldness needs to rise up in my belly
Faith needs to be spoken out of my mouth daily
And the sound of Hope needs to be in my every word
Because if I’m going to continue life without you....
If this doesn’t get done
I don’t know how I will go on
I’m not done loving you
I don’t think I will ever be done
But I’m settled with this fact
And my heart has won
No more waiting for you to come back
I’m done with that
It’s painful but ..
I will let go of your hand
But I won’t forget you
No! heart won’t let me
Although your name will never pass my lips again
I can’t Bare the sound
But in my heart you will live forever
And I am forever settled with that fact
But my life has to go on
Thanks for being you.


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