I Admire you

by bluehun   Feb 6, 2018

I Admire you

I admire you from afar my sweet dear, if only you could just see
To hold you tenderly in my arms and show you how life could be
Your beautiful eyes that shine so bright, that smile so sweet and pure
I would always protect you with all i have, your broken heart i want to cure

I can never ever promise you the world, because it is not my world to give
But i can promise you love in abundance, in a world where you're free to live
I would never ever hurt you or let you down, with your heart i would never play
So i guess i will still admire you from afar, and still be friends like we are today.


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  • 10 months ago

    by Ren

    Awww...this is so tender and sweet. A lovely write!