A love unknown

by Ceci   Dec 7, 2018

You say you still care about me
But you know that the love we once had
Is now long in the past
A forgotten memory
That we reminisce
Every now and then
Just to fill the empty void
Of what once was
Lying to ourselves
Each time
Each day
When we say we need each other
But the empty silence tells me otherwise
What can be gained when we keep the past in the present
When know we have no future
When we know the love we once had has faded away
But knowing if we break away itd be harder than just drifting away.
I love you
And you love me
But that love isnt the same anymore
I dont know what it is
Or who I am to you
Or you to me
It is difficult to see
You left me a long time ago
But you still wont let go
And my heart is bound to yours
And if I were to say goodbye
My heart wouldnt last another beat


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