Sail You Home

by Aodh Hyperion   Jul 19, 2004

One night my lonely eyes screamed to the dark sky
Endless tears cut my face as well sadness cut my aching heart
The fire from my soul had just melted away like a crushed flower
My hopes wiggled like ashes flying in the sky during an hour
The crystal moonlight appeared in the sky and I opened my arms
A star fell on my hand and guided me to the end of that spark light

Your love carried me to the roots of your soul
And I felt you’re destined to me with strong sweetness
A flower has just been born in our lovely garden where sun will always shine
We drifted away underneath the stars then you approached your lips next to mine
I felt the heat of your body warms my soul chasing away the loneliness
I laid your head down on my lap and whispered in your ear so nice and low

I will love you for the rest of your life
But if little by little you stop loving me
I won’t be able to live without you by my side
If little by little you forget me
Don’t look for me anymore when I’ve already forgotten you
There’d be only a memory in my heart – one night with armor
I really do love you

A butterfly leaves our hearts spreading the seeds of our love around the world
A band of birds sing at our window while the rain waters our spiritual garden
Rolling through the wet grass we sat on a log and drew a heart that’ll never harden
Oh, my ! I love you more than everything in this imperfect world

I will love you till the end of time
But if you stop loving me slowly
I won’t be able to live without you by my side
And if you forget me gradually
Don’t search for me when I’ve already forgotten you
There’ll remain only one night with armor
I would die for you

I will always love you
For the rest of your life
Through the years that will pass me by
I’ll hold you so tight
I’ll come to you with open arms giving all the love I have to you
You are my armor !!!


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