I'm pregnant (I'm only 15)

by **unknown angel**   Jul 27, 2004

I'm pregnant at the age of 15
what will people think...
its your baby, you don't know it, Will you leave?
Will you Hate me?
I'm sorry!
Its not my fault!
I didn't mean to!
Please forgive me!
I know that you don't need a baby right now but there is nothing i can do.
your too old, I'm too young... there's something wrong, I don't want you in jail, I can't live that way.
Were both freshmen... I'm in high School, your in college,
Will I have to drop school....
Will you graduate college....
will my mom hate me....
I think i sinned ... were going to hell
thats the end

~~This is a true story... I have not told the dad of the baby yet~~

~~ please comment on this poem I need advice on teen pregnancy~~


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  • 12 years ago

    by cherries

    Well first off my name is crystal im 15 and pregnant but gurll dont drop out u dont need 2 miss out on that and u should tell the baby daddy is he dosent want nothing 2 do with it then u better off without him thurr r places u can go if u need help but plz dont drop out finish u education and love the baby just kno that no matter what u will always have your child loving u ....if u wanna chat u can always email me at curves_69r@yahoo.com anytime day or night ok

  • 14 years ago

    by Sam

    from what i can see theres alot of people on here willing to help u but if u need ne thing else u can email me at insanereject69@yahoo.com or im me on aim insanereject69 im almost 17 and my daughter is 18 months so if theres ne thing u need or wanna talk to me about feel free! good luck!