The Rememberance Of Us

by Hailey   Jan 7, 2005

I Wonder How You Remember Me
And If You Remember Me Well
So As The Beginning Is Now The End
I Have A Few Small Things To Tell

Do You Remember When I Giggled
With That Strange Smile Across My Face
Do You Still Go To The Beach Sometimes
And Sit In Our Special Little Place

Do You Remember That Stupid Night
That I Drank Way Too Much
I Kept On Babbling Away All the Time
Until I Threw The Whole Lot Up

Do You Remember The Very Night
I Decided To Stay In Your Room
We Just Kissed And That Song Came On
That Moment Ended Way Too Soon

Do You Remember That Tuesday Night
I Came In And I Was Ever So Shy
I Was Too Small For That Uniform
And You Were The Older Guy

Do You Remember The Day
I Came Into The Shop After School
Someone Had Drawn Up My Leg
And You Told Me It Looked Cool

Do You Remember That Park
And Our First Kiss Ever So Sweet
I Would Have Sworn On My Life That Moment
You Were The First True Prince I Would Ever Meet

Do You Remember Our First Time
It Wasn't So Romantic Id Say
Yet Even Now I Wont Regret It
Because It Was With The Right Person That Day

Do You Remember The First Poem I Read You
It Was About Love That Beats All Things Great
You Told Me It Was Utterly Beautiful And Amazing
And It Was Perfect In Every Form And Shape

Do You Remember When You Looked Into My Eyes
And Told Me I Reminded You So Much of A Cat
I Giggled And Laughed The Whole Thing Off
Then You Said They Were Gorgeous Cat Eyes At That

Do You Remember That Green Teddy
The First To Start The Collection Of Them All
Took You Endless Goes To Get It
But It Was Love In A Form So Small

Do You Remember The Day I Said It
That I Loved You Pure And So True
You Kinda Smiled Then Replied Truthfully
And Ill Always Love You Too

But Please Don't Remember That Day
We Yelled And Screamed In The Phone
Or The Night I Cried And Left You Confused
And Then I Was Left So very Alone

And Please Don't Remember The Day
I Had Told You'd What He Had Done
And Don't Remember The Day I Said
That You Weren't Even The One

And Don't Remember The Day
I Said I Wouldn't Dig Anymore
And Don't Remember That Time
I Gave Up Our Fight And War

Just Remember What We Had
Even if Its Gone Today
Just Remember That I Remember
Everything You Did Or Say

And If You Ever Think
That I Ever Forgot About You
Read This Poem And You'll Remember
I Remember Every time Through and Through...

I Don't Usually Dedicate My Pieces Because I Write For Me..But Ill Dedicate This one To A Person From Very Long Ago..Every time You Think I Forget..Remember That Ill Always Remember..

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  • 13 years ago

    by christina

    great wrok i loved it ...... ur a great writter keep it up :D
    take caree