Im Sorry

by Hailey   Jan 7, 2005

I Promised From The Beginning
That Id Never Make You Cry
And I Know The Moment You Read This
You'll never Stop Asking why

But We Both Always Knew
That We Couldn't Make It Through
You Just Weren't Meant For Me
And I Doubt I Was Meant For You

But I'm Not Saying I Don't Love You
Because That I Do So Indeed
But I'm A Unnourished Rose
Who Never Grew From A Seed

I Know This Will Hurt
And I'm Sorry More Than You Know
But If I Continue Lying To You
My Time Will Come To Soon To Go

We Come From Different Worlds
Yours Is Perfect And Bright
Mine Is Darker Than Black
Or A Fearfully Starless Night

I Want To Share Every Special Moment
With You By My Loyal Side
But I Think God Intended Us As Friends
And BY That We Didn't Abide

I Loved You In The Beginning
As A Soon Happiness Once More
But I Loved You Without Thinking
I Hadn't Closed My Past Door

And Before You Start Blaming
He Probably Wont Ever Know
I Haven't Spoken To Him In Months
Because Of You I Made Him Go

I Want To Stay Friends
Or Maybe Just Take A Break
Right Now I'm Way To Lost
Iv Got Nothing To Give Or Take

I Need Time To Breathe
To Think About The Past Year
I Need To Be Alone Right Now
And Shed One Single Tear

I Know You'll End Up Hating Me
For The Decision Iv Now Made
I Hope One day We'll be Friends Again
After The Pain Will fade

But If That Doesn't Happen
Know I Really Do Love You
But I Need To Stand Alone
On My own To make It Through

I Need To Stand On My own Two Feet
And Make My Own Decisions Right Or Wrong
I Need To be Able To Pull through As A Person
Not Holding Onto You And Tagging Along

So If You End Up Hating Me
then Thats Just The Way
But I Had To Make A Decision
And It Happened To be Today

Maybe When Time Starts Again
Or My Head Isn't So Spun Out
Ill be Able To Show MY Love Again
And Show It Without A Doubt

but For Now I'm Saying Goodbye
And My One Last I Love You
But Its My time To Stand Alone
And Make It Finally Through

Well All My Loyal Readers Know Iv been With Mark(BIG BIRD) For Awhile Now..But Today We Broke Up..I Needed Time To Breathe So This Is My Poem For Mark..I'm Sorry And I'm Glad We Can Be Friends Like We Were..


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Latest Comments

  • 14 years ago

    by christina

    great work hailey ....... i hope evrythin is goin great for u :D
    take caree

  • 14 years ago

    by Hailey

    lol thanx and mark are ona break indefinitly..i know he luvs me and i luv just not doing so well right now and need me space is all..but your very right.....thanx

  • 14 years ago

    by BIGBIRD

    id rather be your friend than not have you in my life at all.. i can always hold on to what we shared.. even if it is now just a memory... maybe one day we'll get it back.. just maybe....