Love is Blind

by Cody   Feb 15, 2005

I was too blind to see
All the love you had
You gave to me
I loved you too
I just didn't know
I needed a break
So I let you go
That was a mistake
I should never have done
I regret every minute of it
How could I have been so dumb
Now your gone, with out a trace
I hope I can get you back, in one piece
It will be hard, but I have faith
That we'll be together, someday

I wrote this after the first time I broke up with a girl. She took it hard and I felt really bad. I still didn't want to go out with her, but I wrote it so she would feel better. What can I say, I was naive.


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  • 13 years ago

    by Amit

    nice poem. very lovely. neatly written. keep writing :)

    take care, 5! always believe in love

    dont forget to vote for my poem 50 reasons why i love you!

    ♥ amit ♥