You Are...

by Daniel   Apr 27, 2005

(Sometimes to know If you really Love someone, you have to let them go, even If It tears your heart)

You are the chance I Love to take.
The Perfect picture, with no mistake.
The reason I'm smiling when I hate the world.
The greatest story that's ever been told.

You are the feeling that keeps me warm inside.
The constant little smile, I find so hard to hide.
The reason I believe In a little thing called True love.
Why I believe in Angels and Heaven up above.

You are the reason I try my hardest, to be the best I can.
In a race I knew I wouldn't win, you're the reason I still ran.
The answer to the question "Why I Love with all heart and soul?"
That something that came inside my heart and filled that giant hole.

You are my Girlfriend, My Love, My Happiness, I hope that you can see,
"Anything that means anything to you, means Everything to me".
You are the reason I would fight when I know that I'd be beat.
The Greatest thing to ever happen to me and make my life complete.


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  • 13 years ago

    by dandy

    Oh my gosh......I love this poem so much! It's poems like these that should be on the highest rated page! Awesome job, and thanks so much for commenting on my poems. I'm flattered to know I'm in your favorites!

  • 13 years ago

    by xღxBeckyxღx

    so cute :-) xxx