James Bulger

by ·°_ιηѕаηє аηgÑ”l_°·   May 7, 2005

Does anybody remember the day
February twelfth, nineteen ninety three??
The day when two ten year old boys
Committed a crime as horrible as can be..
Jon and Robert, two screwed up kids
Had skipped school that day,
And they decided they wanted a little kid
Someone weak and innocent with whom to ‘play’..
They were at a shopping centre when they lured away one little boy,
Luckily though his mummy found him
Before they got their sick twisted ‘joy’..
Although this did not deter them
They went back to that place,
And standing by the butcher shop door
They saw their little victim’s face..
A sweet little boy, never done anything wrong
Why could he possibly deserve this fate??
What was wrong with those two boys
Why were they so full of hate??
They took the little boy by the hand
And led him from the store,
The video cameras caught everything
But nobody could ever expect what was instore.. the boys took the baby up Stanley road
For his mum he did cry out,
Then eventually they got to a canal
Where they started pushing the little one about..
This was where the little one
Was first seriously hurt,
He was picked up by one of the twisted boys
And was dropped on his head in the dirt!!
Although it seemed at this moment
That Jon and Robert were not ready to kill,
But why couldn’t they just leave him here
I guess remorse and quilt they did not feel..
After walking for a couple of miles
And many different people passing them by,
They eventually made it to a rail way station
Just after the sun had disappeared from the sky..
So many people had seem them on their journey
And seen the injuries of the little one,
Why did they not do something
Instead of turning the other way on the son..
The police station was to their left
And Robert’s home was to the right,
Why did they have to stay at the station
They never had to do what they did that night..
The horrible boys ripped off the baby’s hood
And discarded it into the trees,
They must have decided they no longer needed it
That it was not necessary..
The poor little boy was hurt
Where he had been kicked along the way,
I will never even know
What possessed those boys that day..
The final stages of the little ones life
Were now approaching fast,
Soon this little boy’s life
Would be nothing but a memory in the past..
It all began as the boys flung paint
And it hit the little one in the eye,
He then started screaming
And if his eyes were working of cause he would cry..
The ten year olds brutally assaulted the little one
They threw stones, hit him with an iron bar and threw kicks,
Then they left him on the train tracks
His little bleeding head, they covered with bricks..
The rest of what happened
I believe it too brutal to say,
But I guess you must know, that sweet little boy
Was run over by a train after what happened that day..
And as if this horrific incident
Was not already bad enough,
On those disgusting, despicable, horrible boys
They weren’t even that tough..
Today, two sick twisted child killers
Are walking around among us,
But we do not know how they are
They may be somebody who we trust..
Apparently they aren’t a ‘threat to societyety’
I don’t care, I believe they should be dead,
They should have been tortured too
Hit repeatedly with a brick over the head..
But no, they got looked after, after what they did
And then they got released and given a new name,
No amount of time could change them
They are killers and that they will remain..
They are in our world, walking among us
They have new names so we that don’t know,
Who they really are and what they did
I hate them so damn much, to hell they deserve to go..
A little boy but two years old,
In one more month he would have been three,
But there’s nothing we can do to bring James back
We just have to pray that his spirit is free!!

This poem is probably a bit long and monotoneous but, poor little James Bulger.


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