My Adue

by Hailey   May 12, 2005

I Figured Out My Weakness
I Stuck Around Way Too Long
I Was Fooled You Were A Man
So Weak And Never Strong

Well Mistakes Are Made And Forgotten
And Heres My Final Audi
You Can Stick It Where The Sun Don't Shine
Because I Really Really Hate You

I cant Believe I Cared
When You Whisper Behind My Back
Well Its Done And Its Over
Iv Left You Broken On The Track

I Wont Sit Here And Be Quiet
But Ill Write This Final Poem For You
I Thank God Every Night Now
That I Put This Relationship Through

Id Rather Go To Hell
And Be Engulfed In Flames
I Know Your Not A Man
And For This I Blame

So Go To The Ends Of The Earth
And Please Stay There For Me
Because I'm Not Blinded By Your A**Holiness
I Can NOW Finally See

Yes Me And My Bf Broke Up..And I Realized What A Waste Of Time That Was Well Loll I'm Not Really A Funny Poet So I Gave IT A Shot LOLL...


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