An Everlasting Memory

by Hailey   May 13, 2005

Ill Never See You Smile Again
Or Feel Your Lips Against Mine
Ill Never Watch You Face The Day
And See Your Face Warmed In Sunshine

Ill Never feel That Special Hug
Invented All and Just For Me
Ill Never Read You Poems Of Past
And Watch You Listen So Intensely

But Ill Have All the Memories
The Ones Locked Within My Heart
The Day You Didn't Come Back
And The Day The Perfect Love Did Start

Ill have The Special Memories
That Cant Be Faked Or Made Again
And Even if The Days Turn Dark
Ill Have Them With Me To The End

I Wont Ever Call You My Love Again
Or A Friend That Was So Nice
But I Refuse To call You An Enemy
My Heart Just Ain't Made Of Ice

You Can Call Me Any Name
Tell Me You Never Cared
But There Was Once A Day
When I Knew The Love Was There

Say It Was Young Worthless Love
tell People It Just Wasn't Worth The Pain
But Then a Memory will Catch You
And You'll Remember All Again

But For Now I'm Writing Invisible
Things You Wont Ever Read
But For Now Ill Write One Thing
Love Is An Everlasting Seed...

OK Love Poems Just Ain't My Best But I had To Write It..Iv Just Realized That Somethings You Wouldn't Give Up For The World..Like Memories..And Well Comment And Vote..And If *You Know Who You Are* Ever Reads This..Ill Never hate You...and You Can Hate Me..But Remember..You Once Loved Me...


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Latest Comments

  • 13 years ago

    by No1ButMe

    This poem is really good. I feel the same way about my ex. He can tell all the poepls he wants that it wasn't worth it but I knew he loved me. Keep up the great work! Hope to read another poem by you soon!
    ~As Always,

  • 13 years ago

    by Saravana Kumar S

    Love is an everlasting true and well said...sometimes,we feel we are getting over it but in reality we are just making fool of ourselves...Beautiful Hailey...take care and keep smiling...FIVE>>>