Reflections of Christmas

by Becky drake   Jun 3, 2005

Reflections of Christmas past, flash through my mind,
A really sad Christmas I can't seem to find.
Not always the greatest or even the best,
but compared to some their quite a success.
Through some of the laughter and through some of the tears,
We've been really blessed for so many years.
A few hurt feelings, and a few mishaps,
maybe that was Gods plan mishaps perhaps.
You enjoy the moments and the times together,
because as we all no theres no promise of forever.
People have come in, and a few have gone out,
We still love and mourn for our lost ones we so care about.
Grandpa and Grandma we still miss them so,
I sit here and reflect as I tie another bow.
Grandpa was the one who started this whole thing,
and at Christmas he'd play the organ and sing.
He was so quick he shopped in a flash,
out to K-mart the"Blue Light Special bash"
From tennis shoes,big wheels, clocks, or coats
to bad he had no money,or maybe we have boats.
Grandma and how she loved to cook, she had a special magic she put in her sweets,
I can still see her standing there with stockings on her feet.
She loved her kids and she loved her life,
but more than that she loved being his wife.
My mama and Kathy so young , and so quick,
but thank you God for taking them, as they both were so sick.
Kathy made us smile and brought a bond she'll never know,
cause even as she left us, at her time to go,
she said" Hold tight to each other, keep traditions close to heart,
and never let anyone, or anything tear this family apart."
Mama was a prankster and she so loved a joke,
I still see her sitting there, with ice tea, and a smoke.
I really miss my mom, her spirit and her love,
but I find peace, and comfort, just knowing shes above.
Generations will come and generations will go,
but I intend for all who come-their memory to know.
In honor of our loved ones
Merry Christmas to you
We will again have a great one
as we know you'd want us to.
We'll carry on the traditions and play the same game,
in hopes that the future will still hold the same.
So as the Christmas past flashes through my mind,
I know that all our futures will turn out just fine.
Reflections of Christmas- yes I still their face,
I just feel a little more presence of our heavenly fathers grace.


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by Shelby Bridges

    I have enjoyed reading this poem so much I read it twice.....I will be 51 on
    Christmas Day and I will come back and read this again......5/5


  • OMG i love thois poem it reminds people that u must enjoy life with the ones u love and care for even if they are running out of time , but most of all it shows how to appreciate wat u have and dont take things for granted...this is a great poem keep up the great work hunnie u got a 5/5 from me check out mines if u get the chance thanx

  • 13 years ago

    by FireCracker

    Very LLOONNGG BUT hey I enjoyed the read .. awesome !!! =D

  • 13 years ago

    by Victoria

    Inspirational poem it so sad but yet so joyful an amazing write!

    take care

  • 13 years ago

    by Jay27

    Family and God are everything to you, no? Your poems make me feel homesick, although I havent had family in many years. So much for "you can't miss what you never had"! 5/5

    Ps. You are the first Texan I've ever conversed with :o)

    PPs. I'm the king of random thought, haha there is no real pattern to me :o)
    Thanks for sharing this poem!