Painted Scars

by Kelby   Jun 5, 2005

I have these painted scars
I've tried to cover every mark
But as mine as any other
Every scar has a story to start

My story is like no other
But it does leave me with tears
Sometimes I can still feel it
Even though it has been a year

I have never felt so much pain
I will never hurt this much again
I don't think it can go away since
The band-aids are running thin

The wound has been exposed
I have ripped off the band-aid with him
If forgetting was an option
I would forget from the start to the end

My scars as you see are ripped open
The pain I have lived with each day
I wish I could bury this story
But it speaks to me, as you would say

This boy that I loved is my story
For he, I knew was the one
To me, He was not just another
He was my moon, the stars, my sun

I have this painted scar
That I've been covering up
I've tried to vanish the hurt
Even someone else doesn't make up the love

My scars have been fading
But when I see him, it all comes back
Wanting to be with him but can't
Make my scars almost turn black

You see, I still feel he loves me
It's an unexplained true need
But with everyday without him
The more I begin to bleed

These painted scars
I'll have to pretend much longer
Bc if the paint comes off
I don't think I can be much stronger

I'll cover up each moment
I'll detail it as if it was never there
I can try to start over once more
Bc this scar is more than I can bare

You can only truly love once
So it's scary to think I can move on
But if I'm not with him
I'll die, eventually one day at a time

These painted scars I have
Kill with every drop I pour
But hiding is better than living them
But this story I'll just ignore

I have these painted scars
Even hidden, there is no best
But you see these painted scars
It's time to put their meaning to rest


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