Nothing more i want to do

by cooldude900   Jun 10, 2005

What started as a friendship, just between me and you
Turned out to be the beginning, of something amazing and true

We talked of what we wanted, And were missing in our heart
We cried on each other's shoulder, Right from the very start

It wasn't til much later, When I realized what I felt
And that fate had changed the hand, Of the cards that we were dealt

I think you knew before me, Of the path we we're going down
But you took my hand so gently, And you turned my thoughts around

The girl I found inside you, The girl you wanted to be
Was something so amazing, Something so unique to me

Could the honesty we wanted, Really ever truly be
Could we have that closeness, Just between you and me

We were never really looking, But somehow we had found
Something so unreal, Two hearts so tightly bound

Neither of us could imagine, Exactly what we felt
But then I quickly realized, That with you my heat would melt

The love you feel inside, Is something so profound
And I'll cherish everyday with you, Til my feet finally hit the gound.

You have no idea, How you make me feel
How your love and words, Can make your touch so real

Knowing the goodness of you, Is like living in a dream
Is what you make me feel, As real as it seems

Baby you can never see, The beauty you hold inside
The love and kindness in your heart, All these things you hide

I will tell all who listen, Of this girl you choose to be
The one who took my heart, Who now holds the only key

Don't ever change the wonders, Of all you hold so dear
Because my love you're amazing, Let me make that clear

I will always be at your side, Until you say we're through
Loving you so deeply, Nothing more I want to do


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  • 13 years ago

    by celi

    great poem!! keep up the good job, cauz ur poems are wonderful!

  • 13 years ago

    by Ashley Morris

    Great work sweetie. Keep it up.


  • 13 years ago

    by Julie

    Wow James, that poems is great! Keep up the good work darlin...
    Love Julie