Use all Killed Me

by DefoЯmed   Jun 13, 2005

Hey people, it would mean so muc to me if use rated this for me....
thanks.. xXx Deformed xXx

People talking behind my back of what I have become
Stories of my past finally coming undone
The cutting at the wrist, the pulling at the hair
Knowing my life is going no-where
You know and I know I am screwed right in the head
But it doesn’t bother me by what use have said
Little did you know, my time has come
And no I never told anyone…
I look at the gun, which will help me succeed in taking my life
I know it will work better then my blood stained knife
For my funeral I grab a bit of paper to write a good-bye note
And on that bit of paper I wrote:

By the time you all hear this I will be dead…
As dead as putting a bullet right threw my head
I’m so sorry Mum, you know I love you
But I didn’t know what else to do
Also to the rest of my family who I love
Remember me when I’m up there above
All you people here today, who once used to be my friend
Why are you here? It’s your fault that I am dead
At first who would of really suspected it could have been me?
I mean, I was always the one who came off happy.
For so long it was such a lie…
I just didn’t want everyone knowing I wanted to die
I finally just wanted to be who I was really meant to be
But now you know the real me
I loved all of my friends oh so much
Having them there was the mightiest touch
Then they left me at the sight of my scars
And all I had left was me wishing on the stars
Then I slowly started showing the Goth that was inside
The one thing I always used to tuck away and hide
You think it’s about black; you all called me a poser
Little do you know what it is, I started to get closer
Goth comes from the heart, which use all seem to lack
But I honestly didn’t care what use thought, but I lost track
Everything inside went from sh*t to worse
It was like I was in some sort of curse.
I want all those who gave me sh*t to know
The way use made me feel made use so low
Use all wanted me to feel like I didn’t belong
Made me feel being who I really was, was wrong.
But I suppose now, you won what you started
I hope youse are all left feeling so cold hearted
Because I know there’s the people who will be hurt
Use only think of yourselves and treat others like dirt
Know I have to go; the gun is starring at me
It knows to I’m about to be set free
Forever and for now for as long as you live
As you grow up and live, I will not forgive
I hope you regret your actions, it caused my death
I hope u can picture my very last breath!


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Latest Comments

  • 13 years ago

    by Tia

    wow great poem. i can relate to u a lot. i think we could be goo friends. my friend did the same thing to me. people always talk about me too. about how i cut myself. people just dont understand that it makes me feel better. i feel like i wanna kill myself also. if u wanna stay in touch with me here is my e mail and aim name. and my aim is shorty01171 (im not really short.)

  • 13 years ago

    by sad-taurus

    That's really good. Sad, but good.I like it a lot. Keep writing, i hope to read more of your work. 5/5

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