A Beautifal Dream

by Hailey   Jun 23, 2005

I Look Into Your Beautiful Eyes
With Tears In Mine That Gleam
I Scream "Please Don't Leave Me"
And Then I Wake Up From This Dream

In This Dream I Tell You
All The Things I Should Have Said
I Cherish Every Minute we Had
Place The Memories Perfectly In My head

You Tell Me You'll Always Love Me
And You'll Dig Our Hole So Deep
You Tell Me about The Life We'll Have
And Give Me Happiness To Keep

You Promise To Protect Me
And You Keep the Promise True
That Night Never Happens In This Dream
The Night That Put Us Through

We Walk Forever Hand In Hand
Like The World Is At Our Feet
We Prove To The People Who Didn't Believe
That We Have A Love They Cant Defeat

You Tell Me All Those Sweet Things Again
And I Look Deep Into Your Eyes
In This Dream Things Are Oh So Perfect
No Blackness Full Of Silent Cries

In This Dream His Hands Don't Touch Me
And I Don't Cry Of Rape And Pain
In This Dream Its Like It Used To Be
A World That Didn't Know Of Such Rain

You Don't Sit In Your Room At Night
And Tell God You hate This Life
In This Dream My Skin isn't Scarred
Torn And Ripped By A Knife

I Don't Cry When I Remember And Relive
How Things Are Really Supposed To Be
And When I'm having A Good day For Once
Its Because Your Right Back With Me

But This Dream Always End
When Sun Filters In My Room
We Don't Get Our Fairytale Really
Just Lasting Love Used As A Tomb

And With Tears The Glisten In My Eyes
I Say Those 3 Words Of This Rhyme
You Hold Me In Your Sweet Embrace
And Whisper "Ill Love You Right This Time"................


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  • 11 years ago

    by Zubayer Zakir Khan

    You are awesome!.. well I don't really get it why people see every poem but never vote. Anywayz.. ur poem was nice... and i dunno but when I read ur poem I felt that ur a really good person. Anywayz be good.. tata