Greetings, Retards

by ~*Monkey See~*~Monkey Do*~   Jun 27, 2005

I know this isnt a poem, go stick your head in a bucket if you dont like it.


Hello Megan, Ashley and all you other imbeciles not worth mentioning.

You suckers are at school and Im in germany. We get report cards today, dont we?

German houses have no freakin air conditioners. And tommorow itäs supposed to be 36 degrees. Pity me.

Most stupid thing ever: Spongebob Squarepants in german is called Spongebob Schwammkopf. Which means Spongebob Spongehead.

Friday I get to go to Legoland. Joy. Not. Mz brothers falt. And nuts have been added to my brothers list of things hes allergic to. Wasnt very pleasant.

Well, say hello to everyone for me!


P.S: These german keyboards are so screwed.
P.P.S: Megan, I got you a diddl. Be happy.


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