Every soldier comes back changed...(long, but good.)

by tabithaa   Jul 2, 2005

Yes, I signed up for it,
Yes, I know That you are mad,
Please just try to understand,
And quit feeling so sad.

I know what you want me to say,
I'm sorry, but I won't,
Yes, I know you think I have regrets,
I'm sorry, but I don't.

I'm leaving today,
And I came to say goodbye,
I'll be back soon enough,
So darling, please don't cry.

I know you want me to stay,
But I know I have to go,
You ask again if I have regrets,
The answer is still No.

I got my hair cut today,
And my uniform is grand,
I even got my gun, I tell you,
But you still don't understand.

I went to battle today,
It was so horrid I didn't want to see,
I am beginning to see why,
You didn't want this for me.

I keep moving on though,
Because I see other's die,
It's hard to keep on fighting,
But, I know I have to try.

I think of how it used to be,
And how I want it back,
The enemy shoots blindly,
But I still do not attack.

I can't will myself to do it,
Though, I have a daughter and a son,
They need raised by 2 parents,
You can't be the only one.

I quickly shot a bullet,
I saw the man fall down,
I can't believe I killed someone,
My knees fall to the ground.

So, ask me if I have regrets,
Well, this time I do,
I can't see anything but the people I killed,
I wish I'd never left you.

Every time I see you, baby,
I feel so afraid,
Because you could have been left alone,
Yes, I know I should have stayed.

I shouldn't have seen it,
All the things soldiers see,
I realized what I did,
And it's taking it's toll on me.

I went to the war,
Justin Andrew Strong,
Yes, I came back baby,
But, Justin is now gone.

A soldier changes quickly,
A whole part of them goes away,
They are scarred for life, you see,
They live through it everyday.

A soldier has a new life,
There old one is rearranged,
Every soldier goes there normal,
But, every soldier comes back changed.

xXx...Not a true story, im not a guy....I was inspired...xXx


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Latest Comments

  • 11 years ago

    by mrsmoore

    They really do come home different. i know i will when i finally get to come home. i didn't go to "war" persay but i am in a danger zone and so is my poor boyfriend (in afghanistan) it's scary and really will change your life. i know for a fact i am no longer the same. neither is my boyfriend. but i believe it's a good change. i like this poem a lot. thank you for writing it! :)

  • 11 years ago

    by Megz

    This is amazing. My two oldest brothers are soldiers in Iraq right now and I hope you dont mind If I print this and send it to them in the mail. it hards to remember what they look like and I cant wait for them to come home and just in their letters I know they have changed ALOT

  • 12 years ago

    by lee

    well, even though its not a true story, and ur not a guy...it was really good. i lkd it. what inspired you to write it?? 5/5.

  • 12 years ago

    by terra

    That was an amazing poem and it brought tears to my eyes. My husband is in the Marine Corps, fortunately enough home with me. so while reading this poem of yours I put my self in those shoes.
    And thank you for rating and commenting on my poem.

  • 12 years ago

    by ashley

    another excellent piece, wow, you are an awesome writer... great work another 5