Not perfect--Should be in love poems,won't accept tho--

by Heather   Jul 7, 2005

I thought you were perfect,
The perfect one for me,
I must be blind,
I can’t believe I didn’t see.

You hurt me,
From the start,
You almost broke my arm,
And then you broke my heart.

Every time you hurt me,
You soon apologized,
But I never knew,
The three words you whispered,
Were nothing but lies.

Sometimes I lie awake,
Wondering what to do,
Hoping no one else will be hurt,
Because I didn’t kill you.

I should have known the first time,
That it wasn’t a one time thing,
That a violent man,
Will always make the bruises sting.

I’ll always remember you,
As the mistake,
I should have known,
To let you go,
For my own sake.

I thought I loved you,
I thought you could change,
I didn’t know your actions,
Could span such a broad range.

Like Jekell and Hyde,
I never knew who you would be,
But I couldn’t be myself for you,
I would fear for my safety.

And now I say good-bye to you,
An awful mistake,
You were my first love,
And my first heartbreak.


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