Child and pregnet women abuse

by jackie drda   Jul 24, 2005

This isn\\\'t a poem this is a true storey that happend 7/23/2005

It was about 3:20p.m. on Saturday July 23rd, 2005. When my cousin Amys boyfriend came home. And Amy\\\'s little girl Summer was out playing in her play yard, when Amy\\\'s boyfriend came in and sat in a chair and did\\\'t notice that there was a tomato sitting on the chair that Summer had put there that day. So Amys boyfriend went and picked Summer up and brought her in the camper and started abusing her,throwing her up against the camper they are staying in. And he also put his hand over her mouth and nose so she couldn\\\'t breath. Finally he let go of her,and my cousin Amy was getting into it and she finally got ahold of Summer and tryed taking off to a neighbors house to call the cops so he pulled a knife chaseing Amy around the yard and so he stoped. And then around 4:00 p.m. my dad and I pulled in and got Summer to stay the night at my house. Not knowing that any of this was going on. And when we got to my house we noticed summer had marks on her and we noticed her right side of her face was swollen and was brusing. And a little while after she was there , Amy found a reason to go to her mothers so she could call the cops well her boyfriend followed her in the house with a sledge hammer and told her that if she said anything to them about it that he was goin to hit her dad with it. And so Amy didn\\\'t say anything so he left and right after he left she came down to my house so she could call the cops. And her boyfriend is ruinning from the cops.

Amy is 22 yrs old and 7 months pregnet with her boyfriends kid
Summer is 2 years old

This is a true storey so it would mean alot if you would comment and vote on this

Thanx a bunch


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  • 12 years ago

    by Ÿ*suelut*Ÿ

    OMG this is really sad. i'm sry 4 you, ur cuz and her kid. i feel really bad 4 her. this just makes me wanna cry. its so sad someone would do that. it just breaks my heart. well i hope things get better w/ ur cuz. luv ya,

  • 12 years ago

    by Brittany01

    that is so sad and he can go to he** and god bleess the mother and the two children