by Tiffaney   Aug 9, 2005

For hours now,
Ive imagined the taste of your lips.
temptation stabs me in the side
as your face,
lay only inches from mine.
I hear your heart pounding.
you know i want it too.
but its so hard to give in.
my hair stands on end,
as your fingers slide up my shirt.
my palms begin to sweat
and i start to lose all control.
you draw me closer
and i close my eyes...terrified.
what am i doing?, my mind asks.
while my body sceams, more!
As i kiss your fingers,
i can sense you watching me
and the moment captivates my soul
I cant hold back any longer.
i let out an almost silent moan,
as my body gives in.
There is a sigh of relief
as our lips finally touch.
I continue to melt in his arms,
as my entire world goes blank.
everything circles him.
he begins to touch me,
in places Ive only dreamed
and my toes curl.
my hands start exploring him
when he pulls away.
he tries to make sense of it all,
but fails.
our attraction is too great.
so we continue...
even more passionately.
is the only way to describe it.
in that small period of time,
it felt as if holding him
was the only right thing to do.
like we could do no wrong together.
i lost myself,
in just the warmth of his arms.
and though we were but strangers,
his face will forever be remembered.


this poem was written after i met this guy. i barely knew him but there was something about him that drove me crazy. so we ended up fooling around on fourth of July and i left for home a few days later. Ill never see him again but ill always remember how fun it was...wink wink...


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