Janine (part 2)

by cooldude900   Aug 16, 2005

Across the oceans across the seas
across the blue skies down to ground the angels looked down from heavens in a daze
what was that was more beautiful than them it was my girl friends pretty face
when she walked down the way the air flowed around more in a clear manner the flowers became fresh and lively and when she stops to smile the water frozes up in the nile
anyone seeing her would make up for their days to turn good
to be with her is like to be in heaven for sure
she is my girl friend for whom there are no ever ending words to describe how she is so amazing and fine
and guess who she is ?
she is my girl friend with the name janine!


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  • 12 years ago

    by cooldude900

    well not much of a pretty description i think i can work on it to make it much better any suggestion would be welcomed please vote and comment