by Brandy   Oct 14, 2005

I opened my eyes today
And couldn't remember
How to make the pain go away
The fact that we had a chance
But we both turned away from it all
Wishing there was something left to do
But it was something we had to do
But I never thought it would hurt this bad
It kills me of the mistakes we've made
I try to look at you
But there was nothing left to do
Each night going to sleep
Twisting and turnig
I knew I had to move on
But that is the hard part
Cause loving you meant alot to me
And the thought of giving my love to another
Seemed so unreal


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  • 10 years ago

    by neo

    I know this poem is a few years young, but love seems to give all of us the same torment. history repeats itself. excellent style

  • I loved this poem and I've totally been there, in fact, not sure if I'm still not there to some degree. But great poem girl!

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