My Best Friend And You

by kerri   Oct 22, 2005

You loved me
it was easy to tell
i loved you
it was going so well

then you ended it
coz it didnt feel right
you thought some where out there
was an even brighter light

it was bad enough you ended it
rather then goin out with anova girl
when ur sista told me
i felt i was going to hurl

went into school the next day
my friend was over the moon
she had a new bloke
he was meeting her afterschool

i was happy for my friend
i went with her at the end
just to find my ex standing there
it made my hair stand on end

i said to my friend
when did you meet him
yesterday she replied
was i going out with him then???

i asked her wot time
she asked if i was mad
i replied why should i be
she said coz i was sad

i walked to my ex
and whispered in his ear
my friend ran away
not there nor here

i searched for her
everywhere i could think
i son found her
oni the bench with a drink

\"why are you jealous\"?
she asked me when i sat down
i started to explain
but could not get rid of my frown

i told her he was my ex
she said oh no
it wasnt her fault
she didnt know

we both met him after school
the next day
i was going to have a go at him
but then i thought hey!

why ruin it for them
they\'ll be over soon
then it will be me and him
jumping over the moon

the very next night
she rang me up
telling me
she had had enough

we saw him that night
and gave him a thump
you used me
so now you are dumped!


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