Girlfriend's Baby Mama Drama

by Desiree   Nov 11, 2005

Girlfriend’s Baby Mama Drama
(For those baby mamas that be tripping)

You want to discuss this; I can’t see a reason why. I’m with this man, a man you used to claim, someone’s name that I say every time we lay. Yes it’s true no longer will he come home to you, no longer will he desire you in that way, or any way for that matter. You have a child with him so any conversations you have outside of that are just chitter chatter.

Now you want to get violent, how childish and immature. You can’t handle the truth so it’s my light-skinned face that you want to scar. I can’t let that happen, oh no dear it won’t go down. Because see I don’t have to touch you, I already wear his crown. He chooses me when he could’ve worked it out with youu. He comes home to me while you’re sitting down wondering how to come between us two. Don’t waste your energy, heifer there’s no chance. There’s nothing that he needs from you, not even that tired thing in your pants.

Okay let me chill, I do have to show some respect. You are and always will be the mother of his child, but that don’t give a license to act crazy and wild. Don’t call my house at all times of the night. Every time you see me don’t be trying to fight. I swear when we all come together you better act right. If you choose to show out he will hate you for life. I’m trying to give you a heads up before he does something out of spite. Then you’ll be up all night tripping, wishing that you could ruin his life. Always remember your choices and your karma. Cause sweetheart I’m letting you know right now, over here, we don’t deal with baby mama drama.


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  • 11 years ago

    by RachelAnne

    Dont know if i can but i bet a lot of other people can relate to that