Love Lost for good

by Danielle Gagnon   Dec 7, 2005

I dident mean to do this to u
I dident mean to hurt u like i do
I'm sorry that i did this to u
I'm sorry that i cant get over you

I'll never talk to you again
its what u want in the end
to forget about me, to forget about her
to forget the problems that i stir

I'm sorry that i think of you
I'm sorry that i cant get through
I never ment to do this to u
I never will ever pull through

I will be stuck down in the place
Where worries are real
And the hurtful things quake

I think of you
It makes me cry
To feel the pain that once was life

If you want
I'll stop your pain
I cry alone out in the rain

I'll leave u alone
Just take flight
And leave your heart to morning light

I cant just stop loving you
to forget all about the times we had, the friends I lost
the fights they had

Never again will i think of you
Never again will i suffocate blue
Its you i love and
You that hates me
So never again will love degrade me

So living without you is what i must do
Living without me is a pleasure to be
Goodbye to you
Its not like you care
I feel so helpless
Gulping for air

Im lost without you
Your my sanity
Never again will my soul fly free
i feel the pain down deep inside
Slowly turn to a raging tide

Some part of me says to fight
Some part of me says die tonight
The simple way stops all the pain
I float away freely
Painless again


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  • 12 years ago

    by emptily whole

    Wooow!!touchin poem!!very at that!!great job hun!keep it up!hope ur ok!?wot were ur questions?!just ask sum questions on a comment on a poem and i'll get back 2 u ok???keep smiling!!xxxx

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