Nightfallen Beauty

by Karen Simpson   Jan 20, 2006

The Moon declares its hidden passion
Its rage and hate for the fiery sun
the Moon swears it is the better brother
While they sit bickering at each other

Forced to make an agreement to him
The Sun scoffs aloud and raises his chin
He must share this stuff called time
But adds that he will be the one to shine

The moon unknowing of his soon to come fate
Delights that the day is now very late
Sprinkling stars around the darkening sky
The moon knows not that there hides a spy

For The Sun still lurks and watches yet
Not quite ready to fully fall and set
Waiting for sleepy eyes to sleep
It is time for them to count their sheep

The Sun disappears knowing he has won
He is bright and almighty, the shining sun
"The Moon is unaware of what he is missing out on"
The Sun states knowing The Moon is now alone

But The Moon holds a secret that was not told
It is really The Sun from which was stolen
When The Sun gets his crowds of people everywhere
The Moon gets the quiet that he loves to share

Couples huddled in blankets under trees
The Moon casts his pale light to each
He smiles at the young love out for the night
The Moon loves it when kids take to the night

"Day is so over-rated," states The Moon
But then realizes it is coming soon
"Time to say goodbye to everything for a time"
But adds, "Tomorrow... I will be here to shine."


COPYWRITE Karen Simpson


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by nicole

    It's so cute I really like it*.* =D

  • 12 years ago

    by Sarah

    Omg! Karen thats awsome!! it was so fun to read..and it didn't get all boring towards the end ( it happens ) i rate it 5/5 ! its beautiful lol