Thinking of You

by BlEeDiNg FoR tHe OnE i LoVe   Feb 23, 2006

Every time I think of you
I wonder if What you say is true
Do you really love me
Or is it just a lie
Anytime i think of this
It makes me want to cry
Knowing you might be using me
I just have to ask
Has the love between us really truly past
When i see u hit on other gurlz
You say they're only friends
I know its a lie and wish they would end
Now that your gone i ask myself why,
Why didn't i cry when you said goodbye
All i do now is sit all alone
But why i really just don't know
Friends say to me i should move on
Realizing now thats easier said than done
As i say it out loud I know its true
I will never stop loving you!


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