Words left unspoken

by Kelby   Apr 6, 2006

I hate how now you miss me. And now you want me back. I hate how now you care. And you know I cant do that.

I hate how much you tell me. I hate how you\'ve made this mess. I hate how much I\'ve already done. And how I dont regret.

I hate this unforgotten memory. I hate that your still here. I hate that now Im listening. I hate how this still feels.

I hate your stupid reasons. I hate not letting this go. I hate everything about this. I hate how its starting to show.

I hate believing you. You and your innoncent lies. I hate how I cant turn around. I hate those little surprises.

I hate how much I miss you. I hate it that you know. I hate how much you get to me. I hate that ive sunk this low.

I hate how much i cant hate you. I hate how much it kills me. i hate how much you dont notice. but i love every inch of you i see.

i hate it how you make me laugh. I hate when you make me smile. i hate that you can tell. i hate that its worth all the while.

i hate it that we're done. i hate that we\'re through. i hate that you dont want it that way. i hate it cause me too.


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  • 12 years ago

    by Holly

    That was wicked, going thru the samething right now...it sux...5/5