Ma gurls n me

by kerri   Apr 16, 2006

All ma girls are special
all in a different way
i couldn't stand to be without them, even for one single day

some i have known for a while
some only for years
they have been there for smiles
they have been there for tears

my longest friend Trudie
Ive known her since i was seven
she was a true blessing
sent down from heaven

another best friend bonnie
who is only eleven
she was another angel for me
sent down from heaven

my truest friend maham
who is a rose without any thorns
but i know that her halo
is held up by horns

my friends are so special
what would i do if they weren't there
they're not just there to be with me
there also there to care

everybody has a special friend
best friends are meant to be
i don't have a one special friend
I'm lucky because i have three


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